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Inoxie is a brand of Forionne Group.

Over 60 Years Experience

Inoxie was founded in 1958 and is one of the first and the most established company of Turkish industrial kitchen industry.

Today Inoxie has expanded its production with three main product group in addition to its 80´s production goods.

- Counter top equipments, pots, pans, trays and other products.
- Stainless steel counters, cabinets, sinks.
- Cooker and cooler equipments.

Inoxie is serving the Turkish industrial kitchen sector with its two stores in Istanbul and a factory in Bursa, with a network of over 50 dealers in Turkey, the end-users are delivering their production.

With the project work carried aboard; Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Finland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Russia, Turkic Republics, America and Canada, including the intense, eastern countries in the east, Inoxie has become a globalized institution. In this context, the company aims to be a pioneer and has a say in the rapidly growing Industrial Kitchen Sector, which has intensified its investments in the realization of its objectives by focusing on research and development activities.

Our company, which combines its experience with the energy of the third generation, will never make concessions on the way to achieve its goals, from its quality, from customer satisfaction, and from the principle of having a voice in the sector in which our country is located abroad.

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